Burn Bad Fats By Taking This Amazing Drink

In today’s article, we present to you a natural recipe that will help you burn fat and reduce the waist size. Fat cells store toxic wastes so it is the best way to consume ingredients that will flush the fat away and cleanse the body of all impurities.

Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that the more vitamin C you consume, the more likely you are to have a lower body mass. The reason for that is that lemons and limes are a good addition to a balanced, calorie-controlled, low-fat diet. They contain nutrients that promote weight loss.

People who consume vitamin C regularly have 30% more efficiency when it comes to losing weight. A research conducted at the Arizona State University states that people who consumed antioxidant-rich foods ( such as Vitamin C) are less likely to gain weight and store fat.

On the other hand, the mint stimulates the digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food and consume fat and turn it into usable energy. Water constitutes 70% of our body. Most of our metabolic process takes place in the presence of water. So, when we are well hydrated the basal metabolic rate of our body goes up.


3 limes
2 lemons
20 mint leaves
2 liters water


First, you need to chop the mint leaves then squeeze the lemons and leave the mixture to stay for 1 hour. Meanwhile, slice the limes into circles and add them to the water. Mix all of the ingredients together and stir them well.

You can store the mixture in a fridge. Consume the remedy during the whole day. The first glass should be after you wake up, half an hour before breakfast.

Source: Fit And Healthy

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