Brazilian Butt Workout : Shape, Lift & Firm

When you think of Brazil, many have two associations: Brazilian football and Brazilian beauties. Later, on a European scale, an exotic look is characterized by a desirable physical characteristic: a large, round and firm butt. Rare are the ladies who would not want to have such a butt.

Brazilian butt exercises for some time have mastered the fitness scene. These are exercises that are primarily intended for the muscles of the butt and are known for activating the muscles from different angles, thus acting effectively and positively to their hardness.

That’s why in this article we will get to know you with 8 butt exercises that will help you burn most of your butt and achieve a Brazilian butt. And, all you need is to spend only 30 minutes a day for these exercises and to have great patience and if you are truly dedicated and motivated, then the Brazilian butt will be a reward for you from this training.

  1. Squat

-First start the exercise by standing on both your feet so the same be on a distance same as your shoulder width and pointed straight ahead and then start making squats so that your hips will be moving down and back.

-So, your feet should be in a flat position on the floor during the entire exercise and the lumbar need to be curved. And next when you will come to the part when you need to perform air squats, you need to go lower than your knees.

  1. Glute Bridge

-You need to start the exercise by laying down your back on a mat that is placed on the floor and then start the exercise by making movement with your arms outwards by your sides, so that the same will be away from your body.

-The next step that you should do is your arms need to be put in a position so that your hands will be turned upwards and then raise your hips upwards. And for the final position your hips, back, and thighs need to be in a straight line, and you will achieve that by constant raising of your glutes upwards.

-Then try to keep your body into this position for a count of one and then you can return to the position as you have started by returning your hips to the ground. After that make a short pause and repeat the exercise.

  1. Fire Hydrants

-To do this exercise start by positioning your entire body on both your legs arms and your hands need to be placed flat on the floor and at the same distance as your shoulder width.

-Next regarding your knees, the same need to be bent forming an angle of 90 degrees, and be on a distance same as your hip width, but our back and abs should not be moved and need to stay in a natural position.

-Then make a movement so that you are going to raise your right knee as bring it as close as you can to your chest and while keeping your hips still, raise your right thigh outwards to the side.

-So, afterward your raised leg need to be kicked straight back so that the same came up in the same line with your torso and then you can return to the starting position.

  1. Donkey Kicks

-So, start the exercise by placing your body on all your fours on a mat and then your hands need to be underneath your shoulders and your knees need to be under your hips.

-Next, bent your right knee so that the same forms an angle of 90 degrees and then flex your right foot as you are going to lift your knee until reaches the same level with the hip. And when you done with this, lower your knee without touching the floor.

-Then make repetitions for this leg.  When done switch the legs. Repeat the exercise for the other leg.

  1. Jump Squats

-You need to start the exercise by standing on your both feet, and the same need to be on a distance same as your shoulder width and then make a normal squat so that later you can engage your core and jump up immediately.

-Then when you will return to the ground, lower and return your body into a squat position so that you can complete one repetition and then when you are returning back to the ground do that quietly and with a bit of control.

  1. Glute Kickback

-First start the exercise by placing your body on your knees which are on the ground and then bend your body at the waist and put your arms in front of you, on a distance same as your shoulder width, so that you will be able to form a push-up position.

-Then the head need to be looking forward and the angle that your knees will form need to be between your hamstrings and the calves, and the same need to be of 90 degrees. And while you are breathing out, raise your right leg, so that the hamstrings reach a line same with the back and the same need to form an angle of 90 degrees.  And while making this movement contract your glutes and try to hold this contraction for a second.


This is the “booty burn” exercise because your muscles have less time to rest.

  1. Pilates Swimming

-To start the exercise first lay down on your stomach, with the face towards the floor. Then you need to extend your arms above your head as much as you can and the same goes with your legs too, but they need to be extended behind you.

-Then make a movement by raising your legs, arms, and chest from the floor, forming an arch with your back and the only contact that you may have with the floor is through your quads and lower abdomen.  And while squeezing your abdominals hold into this position for 2 counts, and then you can go back to the position as you have started.


Source: Female Fit Body

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