The Biggest Loser 7-Day Diet Plan

The usual duration of an express diet for weight loss is 3 to 7 days, so this diet that we show you today can lose 8-10 pounds, and women with strong will sometimes manage to lose even 12-14 pounds.

Usually, the basis of expressive nutrition is the principle of reducing the caloric content of the diet. Also, most of us have moments in life when we need to quickly lose those extra pounds: dating, photography, holidays, etc., so express diet is the ideal choice for those women who want to lose weight for important events and it’s very real lose up to 10 pounds after a 7-day diet.

We suggest you take a look at the diet offered by Cheryl Forberg, a dietitian of The Biggest Loser show, author of a dozen books and one of the most influential American women in the field of healthy eating, and her diet is a great option for those who need to lose only a few pounds without torture.

She recommends a weekly system three times a day with two snacks, but the menu is different and the parts are very small, the daily norm of meat, fish and beans is 100 grams, the cereals are 50 grams, and the lovers of vegetables and fruits are very happy, because they can eat large portions for lunch and dinner, as well as adding breakfast and a second snack, and also three portions of fruit or berries are allowed. It is allowed to eat non-fat dairy products and cheese.

As the body loses water and proteins more than fat during the expressing diets, every express diet, even the best, is stressful to the body, as the body tries to compensate for the loss of calories at double speed, and that is why you are getting fast weight after the end of the diet.

That’s why Cheryl recommends keeping your diet at the weekend, drinking plenty of water, visiting healthy meals and not drinking too much alcohol, and of course, you need to practice at the gym at least twice a week and stay physically active.
The plan for this diet is in the following schedule: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.


You need to eat: For breakfast – Egg whites with basil, parmesan, tomatoes and olive oil; one slice of bread, berries and milk. For snack – Berries with yoghurt. For lunch – Vegetable salad with olive oil. For snack- Carrots. For dinner- Vegetable salad with rice and grilled salmon; berry sorbet with walnuts.


You need to eat: For breakfast – Oatmeal with water, sausages and a cup of berries. For snack- Cheese with berries and pecans. For lunch – Cottage cheese with salsa. For dinner -Brown rice, turkey burger and spinach salad.


You need to eat: For breakfast – Omelet with broccoli, onion and mushrooms; quesadilla with low-fat cheese; watermelon. For snack – Yogurt with apples and walnuts. For lunch- Salad with grilled chicken and vegetables. For snack- Cheese with orange. For dinner- Grilled shrimps with olive oil and mushrooms; one artichoke.


You need to eat: For breakfast- One muffin with peanuts and fruit; milk; two slices of bacon. For snack- Yogurt with berries and granola. For lunch- Roast beef, whole wheat tortilla, lettuce and tomatoes. For snack- Corn chips with guacamole. For diner- Mushrooms, onion, beans sautéed with olive oil; tomato salad; yoghurt.


You need to eat: For breakfast- Burrito, whole wheat tortilla, scrambled egg whites; melon. For snack – Lean ham, apple. For lunch- Turkey burger and vegetable salad. For smack- Mozzarella with grapes. For dinner- Grilled salmon, brown rice; berry sorbet with pear.


You need to eat: For breakfast- Frittata with egg whites, vegetables, cheese; berries and one muffin. For snack- Yogurt with pear. For lunch – Turkey with vegetable salad; one orange. For snack- Banana, berries and yoghurt smoothie. For diner- Baked snapper with olive oil; spaghetti squash with parmesan.


You need to eat: For breakfast -Two slices of bacon, waffle with fruits, milk. For snack -Cottage cheese with almonds. For lunch- Vegetable salad with grilled chicken; an apple. For snack- Yogurt with berries. For diner- Lean pork with vegetables, brown rice, tomato salad.


Source: Train Hard Team

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