Best Cardio For Insane Calorie Burning

That is, there are exercises that we do with pleasure and usually, they motivate us to exercise more. But there are exercises that are not really fun to do, but we have to do them if we want good results.

This is the case with bodybuilding and fitness. Everyone gets excited to lift weights because the challenge and the excitement to move something difficult is what motivate us.

And on the contrary, cardio is a necessary evil, that is, the exercise we do because we have to. This is primarily because it helps you burn fat, become leaner, improve heart and airway health. But the thought of moving on a machine and going nowhere is exactly what makes it an undesirable exercise.

But of course, there are alternative solutions. That is, there are options that are great for cardio purposes, you will even notice that you can simply become stronger and improve muscle endurance.

These are exercises that involve two movements as a pair and are therefore often considered cardio supersets. All of these exercises offer different benefits, but they have essentially the same goal, to bring new life to your aerobic training.

Each combination of the two exercises has the potential for minimal transitions from one movement to the next, so you have little time to rest despite pre-determined periods.

Also, each of these workouts can be a kind of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This way of training is extremely popular because it is challenging, it is often fun and it gives results without spending a lot of time on it.

First, you need to try at least 5 laps of each workout. And once you feel comfortable with five, go to 6, then seven, until you reach 10 laps. And when you reach 10 laps of each workout and you do not feel challenged, try to gain extra weight. You can always find ways to form exercises that will be more difficult.

1. Heavy Bag Boxing & Jumping Rope

Exercise                           Rounds                Time/Distance

A1. Heavy Bag Boxing       5-10                    60 Secs

A2. Jump Rope                  5-10                    60 Secs

You need to rest 30 seconds after each round.

When you are on the heavy bag, you need to swing for the fences and don’t just jab nonchalantly. You need to attempt to punch through the bag with hooks, power punches, and combinations. Then take a breath once you got to, but don’t stop until the 60 seconds have passed.

Next once the “round” is over, take off the gloves and grab the rope. Just specialize in skipping and don’t attempt to count.  Also, don’t worry if you ruin revisit into position and check out again. You need to keep skipping and jumping until the minute is up.

2. Hammer Swings on Tire & Battle Rope

Exercise                          Rounds       Time/Distance

A1. Hammer Swings         5-10           30 Secs

A2. Battle Rope                  5-10           60 Secs

You need to rest for 30 seconds between rounds.

This is an excellent one to use in conjunction together. That is with your shoulder training or if you would like something upper-body specific to try to do after a tough leg day session.

Alternate sides once you swing the hammer at the tire and just like the punches within the last workout, go as hard as you’ll with each swing. You need to confirm you hit the tire and don’t swing recklessly.

As for the battle rope, you can do any sort of motion you would like an alternate, flip both ends at an equivalent time, choose speed, or do slams. Do what suits you.

3. Speed Sled Pulls & Farmer’s Walk

Exercise                     Rounds      Time/Distance

A1. Speed Sled Pull       5-10          50-75 Ft

A2. Farmer’s Walk         5-10          50-75 Ft

What is need is to rest for 60 seconds between rounds.

This exercise is great for athletes like football players or for strongman-style training. And if you would like a lower-body-focused session, this exercise is true up your alley.

So, there should be the sled with weights on one end of your course and therefore the farmer’s walk set up on the opposite. And the speed sled will challenge your entire posterior chain, then you’ll either wear a harness or belt and pull that way or use the handles and pull it. If you would like to figure the quads a touch more, you need to walk backward.

As soon as you cross your finishing line, then you need ought to have the farmer’s walk setup ready and waiting. Next, you’ll grab the load and walk back the opposite way and this may challenge the legs, core, arms, and shoulders.

If speed is your focus, then you need to keep the weights light and specialize in improving for some time. And if power is that the name of your game, then add weight to the sled.  You can use heavier weights on the walk, and check out to realize an equivalent time you probably did with the lighter resistance.

4. Jogs & Sprints

Exercise      Rounds     Time/Distance

A1. Jog         5-10         3/4th Track

A2. Sprint     5-10         1/4th Track

This exercise is one of the most elementary exercises. You don’t necessarily need to have a track and also you’ll do that in your neighborhood and time once you do your sprints.

If you can’t jog the space, you can be happy to hurry to walk it. It’s important just to not stop moving until you get to your home.  And like that, you simply will start the sprints.

And then once you reach that place, stop and take a few deep breaths. You need to get into a sprint starting position and count from 3. Three, two, one, go! Then you run as fast and hard as you’ll from the beginning to the finish. On a track, that’s the top of the straight stretch, but on your own course, you need to find that spot that’s a minimum of 100 yards away.

Just be sure to have enough space at the top that you can hamper back to your jog or walk. Don’t attempt to come to a solid and sudden stop, because this will cause a possible injury.