An 8 Hour Diet: Find Out Why It Became So Famous Worldwide

The 8 hour diet allows the consumption of any food, provided you eat it between 9am and 5pm. After 5pm, no more food!

Americans’ are crazy about the new book “The 8 Hour Diet”! See how the weight disappears, without having to look out for what you eat. The authors of the book are David Zinczenko and Peter Moore, who swear that the diet works.

What attracts people the most is the fact that their 8 hour diet allows them to eat what they want, provided that they eat it between 9am-5pm. Zinczenko and Moore claim that the greatest threat to slenderness is overeating after 5pm, in the evening hours when most people lie in front of the TV and eat.

“Our bodies can’t process the food that we eat in the later hours of the day and those calories end up where they shouldn’t – the buttocks and the stomach,” they write in their book.

They argue that people who adhere to their 8 hour diet can lose around 4kg weekly in just one month. During 9am and 5pm you can eat everything, but no later than the specified time. A variation of the diet is allowed from 11am to 7pm, but note that it is more effective between 9am and 5pm.

Their approach to the diet isn’t sensational news. Previously nutritionists argued that it isn’t good to eat after 6pm. Even though Zinczenko and Moore’s idea makes sense, experts explain that you shouldn’t really eat everything, but you should avoid greasy food and fast food, which isn’t good for the health.

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