This Amazing Five Days Diet Plan Can help you Lose Seven Kilos, Quickly and Efficiently!

So what needs people who are overweight and obese to do is stop eating the food of their choice and instead they should actually eat those foods that contain few calories to keep their body and health in good order.

Because we all know very well that extra pounds of your body can often lead to various types of malignancy, sleep apnea, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.

That is why it is necessary to maintain your healthy body in order to reduce the risk of getting any of these types of diseases.

That’s why today in this article we will show you an amazing diet that was created by probably the most popular European cardiologists in modern times, a mixture of fresh fruits and eggs, and routine exercises for at least forty-five minutes a day, will do wonders for your health and your body.


For breakfast: choose one of your favorite fresh fruits, leave the grapes and bananas from this list. A mug, rich in blackberries and blueberries, will supply the body with large amounts of antioxidants.

Day one

For lunch: egg, a mug of fat-free yogurt and one fresh orange.
For dinner: two fresh tomatoes, one glass filled with lettuce, half a cucumber, two pieces of black bread, two pieces of ferv.eggs

Day Two

For lunch: mug filled with fat-free yogurt, one egg and one piece of fresh orange fruit
For dinner: one piece of fresh orange fruit, one cup filled with coffee or green tea without sugar, 125 grams of beef and one piece of toasted bread

Day Three

For lunch: a piece of fresh orange, boiled egg and once a piece of fresh cucumber
For dinner: a mug filled with coffee or green tea, no sugar, fresh orange and 125 grams of red meat.

Day Four

For lunch: 125 grams of cheese, especially low / no fat, a fresh orange fruit and a piece of black bread
For dinner: a tea filled with coffee (or even) green tea without sugar, a piece of fresh orange fruit, 125 grams of red meat

Day Five

For lunch: a fresh tomato, 200 grams of prepared meat, and even fish, a piece of black bread or toast
For dinner: half a kilo of ready-made peas, carrots and celery

So you need to stick to this routine diet for five days, followed by a two-day rest and then you can continue with the same routine and what you need is to avoid alcohol consumption, as the smallest amount of alcohol in your body can harm the process and bring you back a few weeks.

This diet plan that we have shown in the article can help you eliminate excess pounds normally and quickly without any side effects.

Source: Health Guide Genius

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