All The Lies About Weight Loss Teas

How many times have you bought a magical product that removes excess weight and magically melts it away? Although most of us are aware that there is “no pain, no gain”, with exaggerated photos of “before and after” we fall easily to false hope.

In the “Today Show”, which is aired on NBC in the United States, they revealed how major weight loss companies are lying to us.

In most cases, “Before and After” pictures are made in Photoshop or stolen.

Reporters found a tea ad, which advertises that with its help you can lose 30 calories. However, it was discovered that the woman “Brooke” really lost the calories, but not from using the tea.

No, I’ve never heard of it”, she told NBC, adding that she was quiet shocked when she saw her picture in the ad.

The company simply stole her pictures from her blog where she uploaded them. Brooke lost 30kg in one year with a strict exercise regime, running and nutrition.

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