After This You Will Never Want To Eat Frankfurters And Pate

Although they are considered as one of the most delicious products, pate and frankfurters and other forms of delicatessen products are the riskiest products relating to our health.

Thanks to research we can get some information that reveal facts unknown to most, that will shock you and make you rethink if you will eat these products again in the future.

These products contain internal organs and intestines, skin, nails, hooves, tendons, ligaments, fat, bones and what remains of the animal or is of poor quality. All of these parts are minced; spices are added as well as flavor additives, preservatives and stabilizes, so you will never recognize what frankfurters and pate, which we eat almost daily, contain in them.

Because of this modern nutritionists recommend that these products be taken out of your daily diet, if you care at least a little about your health and your family.

In the following video you will see how the mixture for frankfurters and pate is made:

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