A Woman From Europe Shared a Recipe That Helped Her Against Cancer

The recipe is based on ginger and honey and without any pain it helped her regain her life in just a few days. She had cancer of the endocrine glands and was plugged into machines for 20 days.

A reader of a regional portal arose from Bosnia willing to share the miraculous recipe that helped in treating cancer with a greater number of people. She managed to get well without surgery and chemotherapy and now like she says, she is “shooting” with health.

For the recipe you need two big roots of ginger, which need to be cleaned and chopped into tiny pieces with the help of an electric cutter. The chopped ginger is mixed with half a kilogram of honey, but keep in mind that the honey must be homemade.

Thus the prepared mixture is poured into a jar and needs to be consumed as one teaspoon three or four times a day. It is important to use a plastic, wooden or ceramic spoon. A metal spoon is strictly prohibited.

You will feel the first effects after two to three days, and the products, according to the reader, is raised from the dead.

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