A Simple Meal Plan that Works! – Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Healthy weight loss meals – this is one of the things we enjoy most about life. And that is especially when we eat our favorite healthy meals at a beach restaurant with friends. Isn’t it?

Healthy Meals to lose weight – Quick Guidelines

1. First, before you start exercising, you need to see how many calories you need to eat each day to keep your body in a negative energy balance and burn fat. In our experience, for men, the average figure should be between 1800-2400.

While for women, it should be somewhere between 1400-1800. These are just estimates, so to be sure, you can use various calculations or log in to a website like www.fitday.com and add daily food consumption and subtract 10-20% from this figure for your daily calorie goal.

This also depends on the fact that at the moment you are just maintaining your weight and not gaining weight. But if you are gaining weight, then cut back for more.

You need to know that finding the right level of calories can take some time, so be prepared to test, monitor, and then adjust if necessary.

2. You need to decide on a meal plan that fits your daily routine. The healthy weight loss meals we offer are distributed in 5-6 meals/snacks every day. But it may be easier for you to have 3 larger meals or 2 large meals and 2 snacks.

However, the main question is to find a routine that works for you and then stick to it. If you are trying to lose weight on a particular meal plan, consider a different strategy or look at the food choices and portion sizes of your meals.

Also what you need is to limit the amount of processed food in the house. It is true that for those of you with children this is difficult to do, but the less you have in the house, the less chance you have of being tempted. But still, for the best and fastest results, you should eat as many healthy foods as possible.

And if you are ever unsure of what to eat, you can never go wrong with fruits or vegetables.

3. You should try to eat only when you are planning or you are really hungry. It is really easy to graze with food without thinking about it when we feel stressed. It’s hard to get used to because we all have small habits and patterns of behavior that arise when certain emotions are evoked.

So be aware of how you feel and react in certain situations when it comes to food and tries to avoid them as much as possible.

Healthy meals to lose weight – The plan

So, to be clear these meals are simple and functional and full of good eating foods for weight loss.

NOTE: We usually mention the use of protein shakes as a snack or meal option. But if you do not use them, it is not a problem to lose weight. They are just an option, and we included them because they are:

а) easy and quick to prepare and are convenient to use and organize
b) they are also effective in saturating you and relieving the pain of hunger.
c) and if you opt for a quality brand, they are full of useful vitamins and minerals. So it would not be bad to enter them and make them a healthier choice than most other things you can choose from.

Other things to consider are drinking 2-3 liters of water a day, also use spices and seasonings to flavor and stay away from ketchup or mayonnaise.

You can have one or two meals as a reward if you stick to the plan all week.

Healthy Meal Plans for Breakfast:

-1 egg + 3 whites in an omelet
-1 cup spinach 1 Green apple
-1 green apple, 3 slices turkey bacon 1 cup strawberries
-2 oz leftover meat from last night evening meal,1 cup cooked broccoli, 1 pear
-Protein shake + piece of fruit.

Healthy Snack ideas– consume mid-morning and mid-afternoon

-2 Tbsp Cream Cheese +2 Celery Sticks and 1 small green apple
-2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 cup of blueberries
-1-ounce raw walnuts, 1 cup strawberries
-Protein Shake + handful of almonds

Healthy Lunch and Dinner meals

-4 oz grilled chicken (white or dark) with courgette and tomatoes
-Over a large salad made up of Romaine lettuce, cucumbers and celery
-1 cup asparagus added to the salad or on the side.
-4 oz salmon with sautéed asparagus
-Colourful salad with 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil and vinegar of choice dressing.
-Grilled chicken on whole grain bread plus cut-up vegetables and avocado
-6oz steak with a big salad or loads of steamed veggies.
-Chicken or Salmon with steamed veggies and sweet potato.

NOTE: If you want to add some starchy carbs like rice bread or potatoes, then the best time is to eat them with lunch or right after an intense workout. So, if you like bread, wine or a small dessert with your meal, choose one, you just have it and leave it in one portion, because if you constantly add these to your meals, then it will be difficult for you to lose fat.

You now have a very simple approach to healthy meals for weight loss, but remember that eating this healthy food for weight loss will also give you a lot more energy, so you have no excuse when it comes to being active in your life. Also for the best and fastest results, be more active or start following an exercise program, such as Turbulence Training.