A New Vegetable That Kills Cancer Cells

The unusual color of the vegetable comes from black pigment, which is produced when exposed to sunlight. The black tomato has great potential to prevent the spread of cancer in the body because it contains Anthocyanin, an antioxidant that kills its cells. Now, for the first time, it’s being grown in Great Britain.

A New Vegetable That Kills Cancer Cells 1

Ray Brown is a 66 year-old man who works in agriculture. He found this plant when one of his clients sent him a package labelled with the words “black tomato”. He decided to plant the seeds and the tomato proved to be very useful.

A New Vegetable That Kills Cancer Cells.

– I thought that it was a joke, but when I planted the seeds and got a plant I was surprised by the product, says Ray. The taste of the tomato is very strong, but this is a very healthy vegetable, which has yet to be researched fully.

black tomato

After the research has been done many benefits of this plant will certainly emerge.

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