A Miracle Herb: This Woman Was 72kg On Thursday, And Went Down To 67kg By Saturday

Parsley is a herb used as a spice and it works magical wonders. The amount of parsley in meals is always small, so it’s not enough to extract the extra liquids from our body.

Parsley is a great ally in the fight against urinary problems, kidney disease and it is a strong diuretic. The root can be used as medicine as well as the leaves.

A Bosnian woman shared one of the many recipes that there are for preparing parsley tea.

“Parsley is a miracle. On Thursday I weighed 72kg, and two days later I weighed 5kg less. It’s about the excess water that was excreted from my body, not the fat. Now I feel great,” shared the woman.

Her recipe is quite simple. Add 5 large teaspoons of chopped parsley to 1 litre of boiling water. Let the water stand for 20 minutes and then drink it with or without the parsley.

The disposal of water from the body is very important. You dispose of toxins, bacteria and other harmful things through your urine. It is scientifically proven that parsley is an excellent diuretic, and a strong antioxidant. Drinking parsley tea is recommended, but don’t overdo it. Don’t consume more than 1 litre of this tea daily.

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