A Magic Combination: Green Tea, Oranges And Mint

A drink from green tea, oranges and mint is ideal for reducing weight and purifies the body. That is why it is recommended that this drink is consumed daily to support the overall optimal health.

Green tea: speeds up the metabolism and helps the absorption of fat. A cup of green tea a daily lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke, skin cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, increased blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and the occurrence of colds and the flu.

Green Tea

Oranges: are extremely appreciated for their nutritional and antioxidant properties. They don’t contain saturated fats but are rich in fiber that is incredibly useful for people who are overweight. They have a positive effect on arthritis, cancer, heart disease, etc.


Mint: is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and potassium. This herb speeds up digestion, helps the organism burn fat and prevents stomach bloating.



One liter of water is placed to boil 2-3 minutes. The water should be at a temperature of 80C to 85C. When ready, take of the fire. Add 5 green tea bags. Allow to cool 3-5 minutes. Then remove the tea bags. An orange with its rind (well washed) is cut into small pieces. The tea is poured in a clean jar along with the chopped orange slices and fresh mint leaves. The jar (closed well) is left in the refrigerator overnight. Drink one cup of it with each meal. Enjoy!

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