A Diet That Helped 13 Million People Lose Weight

Dr. Pierre Dukan is the author of one of the world’s most famous diets that once again discovered the secret to success. The secret of Dukan’s diet is a balanced diet and maintaining the weight loss results in the first few weeks.

The drastic weight loss follows in the next phase, when those who have become accustomed to this diet are getting used to the dynamics of food intake, separation of food, control of the amount food in a bowl and one day’s work every week.

A Diet That Helped 13 Million People Lose Weight.

This first phase of the diet according to Dukan is two days and starts with adapting to meat dishes that all of the stages are based on and during this phase you can lose one kilogram. In the next phase (three months) fruit and vegetable days are combined throwing out fats and you can lose ten kilograms during this period, which is usually the target.

The most sensitive phase of the diet is when the body has burned all of its reserves. At this point people as satisfied with their results and often relax, but if they give up or go back to their old habits, the body will store all excess calories. Ten days for each kilogram less. If you control your eating, the body will continue to burn existing resources – so you keep losing weight.

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