A 3-Day Diet To Detoxify The Body!

Toxins reach our organism through food, oxygen, medicine and cosmetic products, so it isn’t bad if we help the body fight against these toxins, once a month. As long as these toxins stay in the body in time different symptoms develop like a lack of energy, weight problems, insomnia, mood changes, muscle pain and allergies.

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What is recommended during detoxification?

Fruits: Apples, grapes, kiwi, lemon, strawberries and pears.
Vegetables: Artichoke, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot celery, lettuce, onion and nettle.

A diet for detoxification!

Drink a tablespoon of ground flax seeds soaked in a glass of water every morning. Coffee and sweetened fruit teas should be avoided during detoxification.

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Day 1: In the morning drink a glass of warm water (2dl) with juice from half a lemon. During the rest of the day eat grapes or any seasonal fruit whenever you feel hungry. You are allowed to eat 1kg of fruit if desired and have to drink at least 8 glasses of water, unsweetened herbal mint tea, chamomile and ginger, as well as freshly pressed juice from carrots, celery and apples.
Day 2: In the morning drink water with lemon juice, the same as the previous day. During the rest of the day consume enough water, herbal teas and juice from vegetables with water (scale 1:1). The minimum amount of liquid allowed is 8 glasses.
Day 3: For breakfast eat as much fresh vegetables as you can. Drink water and herbal tea. For lunch choose 2-3 different vegetables and make a salad. Don’t forget the fluids! For dinner make a vegetable soup and drink a few more cups of water and tea.

A 3-day diet to detoxify the body 03

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