3 Workouts in One: Cardio, Strength And Yoga in a Single Full-Body Exercise Session

Many women today are not happy with how they look like, in fact, women are not satisfied with the physical form of their body and want to get visible results in a short time, and therefore, that is, to get it, they must work hard. And therefore regardless of the purpose of your body (whether to burn fat from the stomach, whether to shape the thighs and arms, whether to tighten the buttocks or to shape the overall shape of the body), you must still do everything to get the desired results, and the question that every woman asks is how to do it quickly and efficiently and not to hurt the health.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you a great solution for you, and all you need is that you just need to carry out our training, which includes 3 exercises, such as cardio, strength and one full body exercise session. Although the total time of the training is one hour, we think that it is not difficult to separate an hour of your time, but during this time you can lose weight, gain energy, feel great and change your entire lifestyle.

So to do this super-effective training for the whole body, you will need equipment such as yoga mat, one set of “heavy” weights (10-12 kg) and one set of “lightweight” weights (5-8 kg ), jumping ropes (or strips of resistance) and timer or stopwatch, and you can start.

So yoga is one of the most effective exercises for the whole body, as well as for your mental and general health, and as for cardio, it will help you to strengthen your heart, and as a force do exercise. So as you can see, our workout includes different poses and exercises that have affected all levels of fitness and will definitely give you real results, and all you need to do is follow our instructions to get the desired results. You just have to start, follow the instructions given below, and notice the results in a short time.

Below we show you the exercises, and for each exercise you are shown instructions on the picture, follow them for the proper doing of the exercises.

#1. Goblet Squats

#2. Running Girl

#3. Leg Raises

#4. Donkey Kicks

#5. Spiderman

#6. Lunges

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