9 Ways To Eat French Fries Around The World

Although they are one of the most recognized foods on the planet, the ways in which French fries are prepared in countries around the world transform them and make them unique.

Canada: Seemingly an unimaginable combination, fries served with young cheese and sauce from roasted meat is worshipped by Canadians.

French Fries  in Canada

Belgium: It is impossible not to mention Belgium when talking about fried because it is the country where they were invented. They love them too much; you can even say that mussels and fries is their national dish. They are sold everywhere, in shops, special stalls, in paper cones covered with mayonnaise.

French Fries  in Belgium

Great Britain: Although English cuisine is very different now and includes meals from around the world, we will always return to the well-known taste of fish and chips. Crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside, the chips are served with big piece of cod wrapped in paper.

French Fries  in `Great Britain

Australia and New Zealand: One of the favorite ways to prepare French fries is with salty chicken – a simple spice (salt) with the aroma of chicken.

French Fries  in Australia

Romania: Mujdei isn’t specifically made to be eaten with fries, but Romanians love to dip fries in it. Mujdei is a spicy mixture from crushed garlic, oil, salt and vinegar.

French Fries  in Romania

Japan: Although the Japanese may have included food from the West, they still have a local way of preparing fast food. If you buy fries in Japan you will have a number of choices of crushed spices from which you can choose to sprinkle your fries with. The choice is from basil, barbeque, Italian seasonings to chicken soup and seaweed.

French Fries  in Japan

Bulgaria: In Bulgaria, one of the most popular ways to eat fries is with salty cheese or cheese similar to Feta, sprinkled with spices.

French Fries  in Bulgaria

Netherlands: The passion for fries by the Dutch is as great as that of their neighbors, the Belgians, so they as well prepare it in many different ways. The reason they are on this list is joppiesaus. It is a type of sauce that contains mayonnaise, garlic and curry.

French Fries  in  Netherlands

U.S.A: In America there are so much different ways to eat French fries. So, you will see fries with gravy, chili, cheese, chili and cheese and steak. Fries are a universal food and there are various ways in which they can be prepared and served.

French Fries  in USA

What is your favorite flavor and combination?

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