9 Thigh-Slimming Exercises That Will Get You Ready For Summer In A Blink

We have thigh a solution for you today. The key to great results is finding a proper fitness schedule that is acceptable and can work for you so you can finish it effectively.

The exercises we are about to share with you today are not magical ones and require a lot of work and determination.

It wouldn’t be fair to promise something that will not be successful unless you set your mind to it and follow the routine in order to have the body you desire so deeply.

Stick to the diet plan and the routine and you will achieve great results in a suitable time period. All it takes Is some strong will and determination and we are always on your side as full supporters of your work!

Now is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming summer season, because getting your legs in perfect shape takes some time and a good training program. Practicing these 9 movements will guarantee you to achieve great results in a very short time.

Exercise 1: Romanian Deadlift

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Bend at the waist and bend your knees a little, allowing the dumbbells to drop close to the ground.
  • Come up to the starting position. That’s a repeat.
  • Try to perform between 10 and 15 repetitions.

Exercise 2: Pulse Squats

  • Get into a squat position, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands together in front of you.
  • Squat down and instead of going all the way back up, go less than halfway up and go back down.
  • Complete 3 sets of 20 beats.

Exercise 3: Jumping lunge

  • Get into a split stance with your right foot forward and your left foot back.
  • Go down into a lunge and immediately push down to the ground to jump up as you switch feet.
  • Complete 16 reps total, alternating legs on each jump.
  • Rest and repeat until you complete three sets.

Exercise 4: Speed ​​Skaters

  • Jump to the side and, while touching the balls of your feet to the ground, bring your opposite leg back.
  • Immediately jump back in the other direction, continuing to alternate until you complete the reps.
  • Perform between 25 and 50 repetitions in total.

Exercise 5: Calf raises

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand (this exercise can be done without dumbbells, but is more effective with them).
  • Get as high as you can stepping only with the balls of your feet.
  • Hold the position for a moment and lower it to the starting position. That’s a repeat.
  • Perform between 25 and 40 repetitions in total.

Exercise 6: Goblet Squats

  • Stand tall with your feet spread wide and your hips turned slightly outward.
  • Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in front of your chest while keeping your elbows close to your body.
  • Bend at the hips, knees, and ankles to squat down.
  • Continue until your hips are slightly lower than your knees.
  • To get up, push your feet toward the ground and return to the starting position.
  • Complete 10 reps, rest and repeat for a total of two to three sets.

Exercise 7: Reverse lunge with kick

  • Start in a standing position, step back into a reverse lunge, then bring that same foot forward into a front kick.
  • It is important to lean back slightly as you kick forward.
  • This will help activate your core and increase your range of motion.
  • Focus on repeating this exercise with one leg for 10-15 repetitions, and then repeat with the other leg.

Exercise 8: Swing with KettleBell

  • You have to start standing with your legs wider than the width of your hips and with both hands holding the kettlebell between your legs and then you have to slightly bend your knees.
  • Next, you have to lean your chest forward, swing the kettlebell back between your legs and then push your hips forward until you’re in a standing position. And then simultaneously throw your arms straight out in front of you while keeping a firm grip on the dumbbell and repeat.
  • You have to make sure that you are pushing your hips back and forth; these are push-ups, not squats.
  • Complete between 15-20 swings.

Exercise 9: jump squat

  • Start standing with your feet together, arms bent, and hands clasped behind your head.
  • Jump your feet out and when you land, immediately crouch down, keeping your arms where they are.
  • Extend your legs and jump your feet back to the starting position, immediately jumping back out.
  • Complete 3 sets of 12 repetitions.