Undoubtedly honey is one of the most beneficial products of nature, this is something that we all are aware of. In today’s article, we will present to you what exact benefits you get by consuming only one tablespoon of honey a day.

1. Stronger heart

The honey is abundant in antioxidants which help you prevent narrowed arteries which can lead to headaches, memory loss, and cardiac failure and will also support your heart health.

2. Healthier stomach

Honey also contains large quantities of antiseptic properties which help the digestive system and destroy bacteria in the stomach, Moreover, it can cure minor wounds inside the mucous membranes.

3. Weight loss

If you feel you need some sugar intake, the best choice is, of course, the honey. With only a little bit of honey, your sugar cravings will despair.

4. Lowers cholesterol level

The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are rich in the honey will help you lower cholesterol levels.

5. Clearer skin

The antioxidant in the honey will destroy the bacteria and toxins which irritate the skin and will make it look healthy and soft.

6. Improves memory

The abundance of calcium will improve your memory and lower your stress. Therefore, you will be more able to focus much better.

7. Relieves nervous tension

Honey soothes the nerves and treats fatigue, due to the glucose it contains, that is beneficial for the neurons. Honey is almost instantly absorbed into the blood and provides quick relaxation and relief in the case of various psychological disorders.

8. Improves sleep

Honey can elevate insulin levels in the blood, which stimulates the serotonin release which is later on converted into melatonin.

Here is how to consume the honey the best way:

Here is all you need:

– 1 cup raw honey
– 3-4 garlic heads
– a small jar with a lid


Clean the garlic skin and place it in a jar. After that pour the honey on top and then leave it in a dark place for several days.

Consume one tbsp every day in the morning.

Source: Train Hard Team

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