The 8 Minute, No Equipment Upper Body Workout

This full mode of three-part exercises will help you tone and strengthen the muscles of your hands. Best of all, you can do exercises at home and you do not need weights or other equipment. With this exercise mode, you will also strengthen the upper body.

We recommend 8-minute exercises that should be performed daily. 8 minutes of the day are not many, right? And the results are guaranteed, with a continuous repetition of hands-on exercises over the next two to three months. Exercises are designed to be performed at home, without the use of fitness equipment and weights.

So, the GIF below will show you how to perform each exercise and it’s your goal to make a whole training once, which lasts about 8 minutes, and if you are looking for routine craziness, rest 90 seconds, then repeat the whole circle once more.

Circuit 1

-Diamond Push-Ups

circuit 1

You need to start this exercise in a plank position and then to bring index fingers and thumbs to meet, forming a triangle under the chest. Next, you need to bend elbows. Then lower torso as close to ground as possible. Then push through palms to straighten arms. Also, you can modify this move by dropping to knees and then you need to do 10 reps.

-Superman Holds With Squeeze

circuit 1,1

First, you need to lie face down on a mat and hold arms out to sides at shoulder-height. Thumbs facing up and then lift chest, arms and legs off ground simultaneously. Next, you need to make a pause, then lower back to the mat and then do 10 reps, then rest for 30 seconds.

Circuit 2

-Plank Ups

circuit 2

You need to start in a forearm plank and to keep Abs tight and spine long. Pick up right arm and right palm on the ground and then to repeat on the left side, ending up in a high-plank position. Next, you need to reverse the movement. Replacing right palm with right elbow and left palm with left elbow and that’s 1 rep. But, be sure to keep hips still and facing the ground throughout the routine. You need to do 10 reps, alternating starting arms with each rep.

-Inchworm to Push-Up

circuit 2,1

To start this exercise you need to stand with feet hip-width apart and then hinge forward at hips and place palms on the floor, bending knees as needed to reach. Next, you need to walk hands forward so that you’re in a plank position and do 1 push-up, and then you need to keep elbows close to the torso, dropping to knees if needed and walk hands back toward feet and stand up. And that’s 1 rep. You need to do 10 total and rest for 30 seconds

Circuit 3

-Dive Bomber Push-Up

circuit 3

You need to start in a downward facing dog position and then to sweep chest down and through arms lowering through a push-up. Then you need to straighten arms end in a cobra position and now push through palms and hips to return to a downward facing dog. And that’s 1 rep. and you need to do 10 reps.

-Tricep Dips

circuit 3,1

First, you need to stand in front of a chair or couch seat and then place hands on a seat with fingers pointing forward and then keep back flat and walk legs out in front of the body. Next, you need to bend arms and lower butt toward the ground, being sure to keep elbows directly behind the body and then straighten arms to complete 1 rep. You need to do 10 reps.

Source: Team Fitness Training

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