8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight When You Are Over 40

The idea that you can not be a fit and after your 40th year is incorrect because science has proven that you can be healthy in the form of any age. Aging does not cause muscle mass loss and does not reduce cardiovascular fitness, but it is the result of a bad and inactive way of life. The reality is that with an active lifestyle you can prevent the physical fall.
Because after you’re 40 years old, your metabolism will slow down by 5%, so women need to cut 100 calories each day from their diet if they want to stay in the same form, but on the other, did you know that there are numerous ways that can help you burn calories.

That’s why many experts claim that simple changes in your lifestyle can reduce 15-20 years off your biological age. Do not limit yourself, just because you’ve passed the age limit of 40.
These are some tips that can help you stay fit, that is, we present 8 of the most effective methods that can help you lose weight and stay thin after 40 years of age. Many of them can be fun, not heavy, and you should definitely try them out.


Before you begin to work, if you have any health problems first contact your doctor, because many people forget to check their health when they are 40 years old, for example, they forget to check their thyroid gland and the liver, but this is very important, as these two organs are most commonly affected by this particular age.
You should talk to your doctor, because you may need to change your diet and your lifestyle to improve the liver and thyroid gland.

You need to drink enough water, as this will remove all harmful substances and burn more calories, and because the water detoxifies your body, so if you drink 1 cup of water before a meal, you will lose your appetite and you will not eat, and we recommend you drink more cold water, because, in this way, your body will use energy to heat and burn more calories .


So while we are sleeping, it’s important to be exposed to cooler temperatures, because they will help us burn fat because our body will work harder to stay warm. There are two types of fat in adults, which is good brown and bad white. Because brown fat generates heat and burns calories, so if we are in a warm area, the level of activity of brown fat becomes stagnant and therefore according to scientists, our temperature at home should be about 19 ° C.
What you need is to try to relax well by not using any gadgets before going to sleep and also you need to turn off the TV and the computer, remove the phone and try to rest as much as you can, because deprivation from sleep can negatively affect your brain and you skip exercise, eat fast food, and so on.


You should also eat frequently and regularly and not skip meals, because you can bring your metabolism into chaos because you start to store calories and not burn them. That’s why a good breakfast is the most important thing you can do and do not take night snacks.


It is necessary to use vitamins every day so that our body can function properly, and some of the most important are vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, potassium, omega-3, probiotics and vitamin D. Also potassium that can be found, for example, in bananas, dried apricots and avocados, and therefore we recommend that you consume it, while you can import calcium from yogurt and almonds. And while you can take vitamin D with staying in the sun, but make sure you use the sunscreen.


You need to set your goal before you start practicing. Do you want to lose 20 kilograms, or put plus pounds of muscle mass? However, set your goal clearly before starting workouts, because it is unrealistic to lose half your weight in just 1 week because it can even cause more harm than good to your body. The important goal should be available and healthy at the same time, so practice right, drink plenty of water and try to stay in shape.


Do exercises that fit into your schedule and that suit your body. Improved physical fitness will help to improve your physical health as a whole, to reduce the risk of disease and stress. Being physically active means having strong muscles that will support the joints and reduce arthritis pain.
So what you need is to have 4 to 5 training sessions for resistance each week and perform 30 minutes of cardio exercises and you can also have healthy muscles that will help you burn more calories if you make push-ups, clams, crunches, step-ups and bird dogs. For your metabolism will also help if you go at least 10,000 steps a day.

Source: Healthy Fitness Club

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