8 Effective Exercises 4 Minutes Daily Help Your Body Incredibly Transform. Summer Is Here!

You want to keep the body in top shape, but you do not manage to find enough time? The “Tabata” method is the right solution for you.

Named after the Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata, this exercise method recommends short training in which you will make the most of yourself. Relying on his own scientific research, Tabata discovered that intermittent exercise with high intensity gives excellent results.

According to the supporters of the “Tabata” training, the 4-minute intensive training brings more fitness benefits than a one-hour ride on a stationary bike at a moderate pace.

The “Tabata” method: 8 x 20 seconds exercise + 8 x 10 seconds rest = 4 minutes

Or, in other words, according to the “taboo” method, you need to practice with a maximum intensity of 20 seconds after which you make a 10 seconds break and repeat this total of 8 times.

The “Tabata” method gained immense popularity because it’s very short and highly effective and among all possible workouts, is one that became almost all sportsmen’s favourite.

It’s normal during a workout to feel a significant acceleration of the pulse of your heart and increased sweating, and it’s difficult for you to talk because of lack of oxygen. The “Tabata” method will help you improve your condition, accelerate metabolism, and burn fat deposits quickly.

For the best results, it is desirable that the “Tabata” training should be practised 4 times a week. The effect is greatest in the first three weeks, and then you will feel the need to step up the training.

Remember 20 secs for one exercise, after every 10 seconds — rest.

An effective workout for losing weight

1. Crossover lunges back with a jump.

2. Lunges back. 

3. Triceps push-ups.

4. Pull up knees to elbows. 


5. Right side lunges.

6. Left side lunges.

7. Boxing.

8. Side lunge, jump, and lean.

It’s important that to achieve a noticeable result, put the best foot forward and before training, do not forget to warm up.

The “Tabata” workout guarantees:

Healthy Weight Loss.
Defining muscles all over the body.
Reduce blood pressure.
Relieving stress.

Source: Team Fitness training

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