8 AB Moves for Maximum Fat Burrning

Working out and a good diet is a key factor in making your abs perfect. However, when it comes to working out, you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym or spend a lot of money on expensive programs.

You can achieve that results in the comfort of your home. The only thing what is important is to know which exercise is the best and most effective.

This way you won’t spend much of your time and still have fantastic results. But for this program to workout, you have to be consistent and patient and after several weeks time, the results will be vivid.

That is why you need to be persistent and put in some effort to get the result. Besides, you should never forget about the diet, the healthier it is, the better will be your result. All perfect things are simple at the core.

1.Leg Raises

2. Plank

3. Crunches


5.Toe Taps

6.Russian Twist

7.Reverse Crunches

8.Windshield Wipper Abs

 Source: Female Fit Body

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