7 Exercises Lower Abs Pooch Core Workout

Probably the abdominal muscles are part of the human body for which there are most exercises. It’s not all coincidence. The stomach and the core muscles are the base from which the movement of the human body is pushed.

The first thing you must know is that the abdominal muscles are muscles like all the rest. Therefore, you need to be aware that the muscles in your stomach require rest after each training, and everyday exercise in this region will only lead them to a level of overtraining that will permanently stop you from reaching the desired effect.
So when you try to shape your abdominal muscle, first you need to know is the best formula for success, which is:

Diet + Ab Exercises + Cardio exercises = Dream Abs

So the muscles of the stomach will not come solely from the workout. This segment of the human body is naturally most susceptible to fat accumulation. You need to know that a stomach workout alone will not bring you results as you expect.

Diet is a huge part of success especially for this part of the body. So be persistent and persistent and do the workout for the stomach well. Give your body enough time to recover and remember that success requires discipline and time.

Also, according to the above formula, you notice that in order to get the desired abs, you can not just perform exercises, but include cardio (running, cycling, jumping ropes, etc.).

What everyone is asking before the exercise starts is related to the number of exercises to be done or the time spent on cardio exercises (an hour or several minutes), and this generally depends on personal abilities, but there are several rules that need to be followed to get the expected results.

Basic muscles should be exercised throughout the day. Because when you try to get results as soon as possible, then one day you should work on lower and upper and the next day you should work on your sides.

Take care of the diet before and after training, because before training focuses on enough energy for the body, and after training to build muscle focuses on enough proteins.

You should not stop working your abdominal muscles even in days when the muscles are sore. The abs are extremely durable, so continue to exercise even when you experience pain, because then exercise has the strongest effect, however, to avoid injuries, it is adjusted or interrupted when the pain becomes too strong.


  1. Spiderman Plank

spiderman plank


First, the starting position is a traditional plank position with your forearms on the ground and your body perfectly straight, and then bring first your left knee forward towards your left elbow, then return to the plank position. Next repeat by bringing your right knee toward your right elbow.


  1. Scissors



Your starting position is laying on your back with your hands behind the head and keeping your abs tight, raise your left knee to touch the right elbow. Then go back to the starting position, raise your right knee to touch with the left elbow. You need to perform 15 reps alternately in a regular and smooth motion.

  1. Knee Hugs

Knee Hugs

This crunch is an effective exercise for developing the abs and developing the balance and coordination.


The Starting position is sitting position. Execute a v sit up and hugging the knees at the top and perform 15 reps.

Perform 15 reps.


  1. Windshield wipers


Your starting position is laying on your back with your arms straight out to the sides, then raise your legs to the ceiling and rotating the hips to one side, keep the legs tight and don’t touch the floor. Next, return to the starting position and rotate the hips to the opposite side. Perform 15 reps on each side.

  1. Plank Butt Ups

Plank Butt ups


First, the starting position is Laying with your stomach down and then bending your elbows to a 90 degrees angle and keeping your body flat, support it on your forearms and toes. Next, keep your abs tight, all the time trying to balance with your assembled feet and bring the stomach in and butt up, continue breathing, your elbows should be under the shoulders during the exercise.

  1. Knee Tucks

Knee tucks


The starting position is sitting on the ground, with fingertips by your sides for support and then leaning back, stretch the legs out and slightly elevated them in front of the body. Next tuck knees towards the chest moving the chest forward to meet them and bringing the legs back to starting position, separate legs and chest and create a “V.” You should keep your legs and upper back of the ground and perform 15 reps.

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  1. Side v ups

Side v ups


Your starting position is laying on your left side with your left arm laid out next to you and the right arm held beside your head. Then crunching up to your hip, raise both legs at the same time contracting your obliques at the top of the motion, trying to touch the feet with your right arm. Next lowering both your legs and upper body back down to the floor complete one rep on one side. Then repeat on another side.

Perform 15 reps on each side.

Source: Train Hard Team

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