7 Days – 7 Glasses: A Powerful Method That Burns Abdominal Fat!

The weight problem is not an easy task to solve. Those people who have extra pounds know this. Sometimes it seems even after trying hard you still end up with the same weight or even gain more.

However, there is always an exit from this situation. The main reason why people don’t lose weight even after strict diets is that the body metabolism is full of toxins and chemicals that don’t allow it to function properly.

So everytime you want a diet plan we recommend you a detox like this that not only it will help you lose weight it will also unable this process for further success.

Having a normal weight is not only an aesthetic problem but it also can lead you to numerous other health problem, so is very important not to give up and always tend to overcome this problem.

If you’re one of those people we definitely encourage you to try this remedy that you bring you unbelievable benefits. Apart from losing weight, you will also feel fresh and energized, ready for new challenges.


What is very important about this drink is that it specifically targets the abdominal fat. Moreover, don’t worry about the taste because it is delicious. On the other hand, the ingredients are all available and cheap.


– Cucumber (1 unit)
– Pineapple (3 pieces)
– Celery (a stem)
– Parsley leaves (a glass)


1. First, make sure you wash all the ingredients properly.
2. Then, cut the cucumbers in circles, also cut celery and parsley into small pieces.
3. Finally, add all the ingredients in the blender and blend until you get a nice homogenous mixture.


Consume the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and never add sugar or artificial sweeteners. Also, it is important to drink it fresh just right after you make it.

Keep in mind that this juice is clean, so its prolonged consumption is not acceptable for months. Watch carefully the response of the body, and any unpleasant reaction of the body, stop using it.

source: Home Remedies Corner

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