7 Day Challenge – 7 Minute Workout to Lose ARM FAT & Tone Your Arms

When it comes to exercising many women have a misconception that arms are a men thing and women should more concentrate on the abdominal and leg area. Well, this belief is certainly wrong because when you work out it is important to take care of the whole body for a number of things.

Apart from that many people suffer from losing arm fat and this is very common for people who actually work in an office and are not that much physically active. In today’s article, we will help you tone your arms and make them look incredible.

arm fat

Moreover, for this program, you don’t have to attend the gym or it doesn’t require special equipment.

Complete your sexy body with this 7-minute workout!

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Follow the instructions from the video and workout every day, after a very short time you will notice the results. Also, make sure you hydrate your body well and avoid any junk food or sodas.


Source: Female Fit Body

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