7 Best Home – Exercises For Weight Loss

Loss of stomach fat is not always easy and therefore, while your diet is the most important contributor to weight loss, it is also essential that you stay active. These 7 exercises will help you remove stomach fat and the best part is you can do them from home.

You can perform this workout up to four times per week to rev up your metabolism, burn calories, and start to melt those extra pounds and inches. So get started for some weight loss.

Reverse Crunches:

Crunches have always been known to be the best exercise to reduce stomach fat. Reverse crunches are an enhanced version of the exercise, for a better workout.

  • You need to lie on the floor, with your knees raised to 90 degrees and hands resting on the floor with palms down, and then use your abs to bring your legs up to your head.
  • The movement should be slow and don’t force your body but try harder.


  • Get into a push-up position on the floor and bend your elbows and keep them on the floor.
  • Next, you need to ensure that your body is quite straight from head to toe and is kept parallel with the floor.
  • In this position, your body gets supported by the elbows and your shoulders take up the weight you need to remain in the position as much as you can and you need to breathe normally during the entire process.

Bicycle Crunch:

  • Lie back on the floor and bring your hands behind your head.
  • Then you need to bend your legs at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and bring your right knee to your chest while simultaneously straightening your left leg.
  • Next, you need to rotate your torso and bring your right elbow to your left knee.
  • Then repeat after switching to the other side.
  • You need to perform 3 reps of 1 minute each.

Bridge Exercise:

This exercise is great for strengthening your core muscles and is also good for the back (read my other post for greater.

  • To start this exercise first you need to suck your belly button and keep your body as straight as possible without locking your knees and then continue to breathe and don’t hold your breath.
  • Next, you need to hold yourself in this position as long as you can.
  • Then rest and repeat 2-3 times and you can gradually extend the time of holding yourself in the position.

V- ups:

  • First, you need to lie with your back on a mat and extend your arms overhead and your legs in front of you.
  • With your feet together in one movement, contract your abs, pull your legs up, and touch your toes.
  • Next, you need to exhale as you contract and keep your feet together throughout the move and then release back down with control.
  • That’s one rep and then you need immediately contract back up and complete the recommended number of reps for each set.
  • Do 12-16 crunches for up to 3 sets at a go.

Twist Crunch

Once you are familiar with regular crunches, you can modify the basic crunch to have a more effective and results-oriented tummy exercise.

  • So, twist crunches are like your regular crunches, but in twist crunches, you have to lift the right shoulder towards your left, keeping the left chest on the ground.
  • Then when you are starting out, start doing twist crunches 10 times per set.
  • You can do two to three sets of twist crunches in your daily routine.

Cross Mountain Climber

  • For this exercise, you have to get into a high plank position.
  • Continue bringing your left knee to your right arm, then bring it back to the starting position and then do the same but with your right knee to your left arm, replicating the look of a climbing motion.
  • Count up to 30 movements between the two legs.