7 Best Exercises for Women to Lose Weight

Exercise is effective, but it is still a long and difficult process, in which you have to coordinate more activities to have a strong body.

But the advantage is that you can choose the time and place where you can exercise. So you can exercise with your friends outside, you can exercise after work, you can
exercise at home.

The way we will help you is by choosing activities that will suit you, so you will have the capacity to do them effortlessly and you will have the best results.

1 PliƩ Squats


You need to remain with your legs wide and your toes pointed outward marginally and then grasp a couple of dumbbells with your arms straight and your palms looking down.

Next, you need to bend your knees to the point when they are over your lower legs while raising your arms to simply
underneath bear tallness.

Your arms ought to be in accordance with your legs, you should see the
weights in your fringe vision and then straighten your legs and lower your arms all the while.

2 Single-Arm Kettlebell Snatch

ingle-Arm Kettlebell Snatch

First begin with an iron weight between the feet with the knees twisted and then, detonate up onto your toes, pulling the iron weight until the point when it achieves the chest with the elbow tucked in.

Then next from there, bring the weight overhead (hang on tight!) and at that point cut it withdraw near the ground, that is one rep.

3 Prisoner Squat

-Stand tall with chest out and back straight. Feet ought to be marginally more extensive than the bear width.

Place fingers behind your head and draw elbows back so they are in accordance with your body. This is the beginning position.

Begin practice by driving hips back and bowing at the knees into a squat. Squat as low as possible, stop, at that point propel yourself move down as fast as conceivable in great shape. This finishes one rep.

4 Barbell Glute Bridge

Begin situated on the ground with a stacked barbell over your legs and then utilizing a fat bar or having a cushion on the bar can significantly decrease the uneasiness caused by this activity.

Next, you need to roll the bar with the goal that it is straightforwardly over your hips, and set down the level on the floor.

Then you begin the development by driving through with your foot sole areas, broadening your hips vertically through the bar and your weight ought to be bolstered by your upper back and the rear areas of your feet.

Next extend quite far, at that point turn around the movement to come back to the beginning position.

5 Side Plank

You need to begin in a board position (the highest point of a push-up). And then move over to one side and plant your left rear area down so you are adjusting outwardly edge of your left foot and stack your correct foot over your left.
Is this is too hard, twist your left knee and place your left foot level on the ground before your correct leg for help?

Then keep your correct arm on your side as appeared, or achieve it straight up toward the roof to lift your abdomen much more you need to press your left fingertips into the floor to remove weight from your wrist.

6 Fan Kicks

First, stand to confront the front of the seat with your arms out to the sides, then move your weight to your correct side as you lift and point your left toes and next bring them over your body, at that point up finished the seat in a counter-clockwise hover, and withdraw to the ground. You need to
repeat it on the correct side.

This time lifting your correct leg, conveying it over your body to one side, at that point up and over the seat a clockwise way.

7 Incline push-ups

Place the two palms on the seat of the seat as you extend your feet back to a board position and then keeping your body in a straight line between the highest point of your head and your foot rear areas.

Next bring down your body toward the seat by twisting your elbows and hold, at that point push up through your palms to come back to the beginning position.