6 Stretches To Relieve Back Pain That You Can Do In Bed

Over 31,000,000 Americans suffer from lower back pain and studies show that the reason for that is the sedentary lifestyles.

UNC School of Medicine stated that “more than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives.”

Not everyone can go get a massage on a weekly basis, but we can all take a few minutes every morning before we get out of bed to stretch out our back muscles. This will help relieve your back pain, and hopefully help prevent it in the future.Gives these stretches a try before you start your day and see how good you’ll feel!

1. Knees to Chest


Lying on your back hold each knee to your chest one by one for half a minute. You should feel your lower back and glutes stretching like crazy. Don’t worry if you notice that you are not flexible, you can do variations of this exercise as long as you feel properly stretched.

2. Hamstring


Lie on the floor with your legs bent and your feet on it. Put one leg in the ear and reach out for your hamstring with both hands in order to make the perfect stretch. Hold the position for about half a minute and switch legs.

3. Figure 4


Lay on your bed and bring one leg up to your chest.Bring your other leg up underneath, creating the shape of the number four.Hold for 30 seconds before releasing and switch sides.

4. Spinal Twist


Lie on your back, prop up your knees and then let them fall over to the right side. You could stabilize your legs by holding the left thigh with your right hand. But at the same time, stretch your left arm out to the left and gently roll your head to the left.Here too, you want both shoulders to relax into the ground as much as possible. And you know it, breath! Then repeat the pose on the other side.

5. Cobra Pose


You should begin from downward facing dog pose. Then come forward into plank, bend your elbows and then slowly lower down on the floor. And then roll your shoulders back and gently lift your back up. You need to hold for 8-10 breaths. So, this is the powerful pose that works towards opening up the shoulders and the chest and them too strengthens the back. That’s 3 out of the 5 perfect posture pointers ticked off and this one is a must include in your posture correction arsenal.

6. Child’s Pose


You need to sit on the floor with your bent knees and they should be separated from one another and your hips should rest on your heels. Then put your hands on the thighs and now start bending forward so that the upper part of the body is on the thighs. Next you need to bend further to make your forehead touch the ground. And then you need to bring your hands back and let them freely lie on the ground beside your feet with your palms facing the ceiling or you can also hold your heels with your hands. This pose also helps to rest your mind.

Source: Female Fit Body

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