6 Facts That Prove That Green Food Is An Excellent Medicine

• Green food is an excellent source of amino acids: Many amino acids that are important for the body are found in green food. Some of them are extremely effective because they a perfect anti-inflammatory effect.

• Green foods protect against cataracts: Beta carotene which is found in green plants protects the eyes and prevents macular degeneration. Therefore it is recommended that all people use it, especially elderly people.

• Green foods help with constipation: Green foods contain many substances that improve digestion, absorb gases and accelerate intestinal peristalsis. Green food is a great cure for constipation or hard stools.

• Green food such as prophylaxis of atherosclerosis: A glass of juice from green fruit or vegetables once a day is one of powerful for preventing atherosclerosis, but also a good remedy against various inflammations, especially pneumonia.

6 Facts That Prove That Green Food Is An Excellent Medicine.

• Green food protects the nervous system: Vitamin B, C as well as other nutrients that are present in green foods are great at protecting the central and peripheral nervous systems. Green food is excellent against excess fluids. Potassium from green vegetables is a powerful diuretic, which helps to get rid of excess body fluids and thus helps reduce blood pressure.

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