5 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

Surely you have learned how to prepare for a difficult training so far, but how much do you know about the preparation steps that might impede the quality of your training?

So there are many things you can do wrong before entering the gym and almost all of them involve exaggerating your favorite previous training, so you should read 5 things to avoid at any price if you want to do the best of your workouts.

1. Too much stress…

-Yes, we know it’s somehow stupid to tell you to avoid stressful life situations in order to make bigger benefits, but nobody enjoys being under the stress, but stress is an inevitable part of the life we need to accept, but still, chronic stress is something that everyone should strive to prevent or overcome as painless as possible. Because it causes your level of cortisol to be in a constantly elevated state. And that’s which, among other things, is responsible for destroying muscle tissue and stimulating the storage of adipose tissue and also, however you might try at the very least keep things cool in hours before you go to the gym.

2. Too much food or supplements…

-Also, having a proper meal before training that will provide you with the key nutrients for optimum muscle growth is not the same as filling food to the point of blowing, so even if you are extremely hungry, make reasonable limits for your part. However, overeating can reduce exercise efficiency, cause discomfort in the stomach, or even nausea, and slow you down, so on the other hand, make sure that you do not overdose with stimulant supplements. Since taking too many of them can be led to the uncomfortable rapid heartbeat, nausea, and acute anxiety attacks, rather than a useful energy boost.

3. Too much sleep…

-Because of the way of life today we are often tired and we also often have a difficult day of work, so we decide to take a break before the afternoon training, and all that is good until you overdo it. But sleeping more than 30 minutes more is not a power gain, because it can easily produce exactly the opposite effect, that is, you wake up feeling more tired than before.

4. Too much stretching…

Surely you were told to stretch before you lift up but forget about that stupid piece of popular advice, because the performance of static prostheses instead of warming is always a bad idea, leaving you with cold muscles and a resting heart, far from ready for a challenging workout that lies before you. And, moreover, it can increase the risk of injury rather than reduce it, and excessive spread will strain muscles rather than relax, and this tightness can easily hinder the effectiveness and range of movement, making you more vulnerable on injuries.

5. Too much cardio

We recommend that you never perform HIIT cardio before your lifting weight period because your training weight is for muscle building, so where’s the logic in using all of your precious glycogen to cardio. But if you want to benefit from the benefits of fat loss from cardio and you absolutely must do it before weighing.

Source: Fitness Tips Lovers

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