5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

If you want a perfectly shaped and healthy body and you don’t have time to go in those expensive gyms and buy all these supplements you came to the right place.

The philosophy is that people who, don’t forget that the focus of their goals is themselves and manage to introduce healthier habits into their existing lifestyle without relying too much on outside tools and trends are the people who achieve sustainable progress.

These 5 exercise guarantee you results in less than a month. The best thing is that you can do it from home. In no time you will see improvements in your waistline size and overall body composition.

This program is real and it doesn’t promise you anything impossible. You won’t have 6 pack abs for a period of one month (especially if you have a lot of excess weight), but it will provide you a significant improvement that you will notice.

1. Plank

The plank is one of the most underrated exercises and is the first one you should have in mind when starting this program.

Keeping your body static in this position will build a core of steel, ripped abs and strong shoulders.
First, get into a push-up position and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. After you manage to stretch your body into a straight lane from the head to the feet. Stay in this position until you can without moving your waist or butt.

2. Pushups
There is a reason why push up is the most popular exercise. They actually utilize every major muscle in your body.
Place your body on the floor facing the floor. Place your hands under your shoulders. While keeping your body straight push your whole body up. Then lower your body to the floor without touching it with your chest and repeat.

3. Squats

This exercise will help you build your calves, quads, and hams. Furthermore, squats strengthen the whole core and provide a significant fat burn.

Stand straight and spread your arm in front of you, keeping them at a shoulder level. Now make a sit move as there was a chair behind you. Make sure back doesn’t round. If possible your thighs need to reach a position where they’re parallel to the floor. After you stand up, repeat the process.

4. Bird-dog
Make the push-up position but this time put the knees on the floor. Then simultaneously stretch the left leg and the right arm, maintaining the straight. After that, repeat with the right leg left arm.This exercise is good for the lower back and the abs.

5. Lying hip raises
This exercise is perfect for building powerful glutes and hamstrings. Also, it will provide you results in the abs, back and thighs section.

Lie down on the back on the floor with bent knees and flat feet. Extend your arms on the side, Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips up as high as you can.

The four-week plan

The program is divided into two separate workouts:

Workout #1

1 minute Plank
1-minute Pushups
2 minutes Squats
1-minute Bird-dog
1-minute Lying hip raises
1 minute Plank
1-minute Pushups
2 minutes Squats

Between exercises, rest for 10-15 seconds.

Workout #2

3 minutes Plank
3 minutes Bird-dog
3 minutes Lying hip raises
1-minute Pushups

Between exercises, rest for 10-15 seconds.

* Do the exercises 6 times per week and have on rest day


Day 1 – Workout #1
Day 2 – Workout #2
Day 3 – Workout #1
Day 4 – Workout #2
Day 5 – Workout #1
Day 6 – Workout #2
Day 7 – rest


Day 1 – Workout #2
Day 2 – Workout #1
Day 3 – Workout #2
Day 4 – Workout #1
Day 5 – Workout #2
Day 6 – Workout #1
Day 7 – rest

After you finish with the 2-week exercise starts all over again. While you on this program practice a healthy diet and drink a lot of fluids.

Source: The Health Awareness

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