5 Rules About Diet For Sweets Lovers

You can resist eating chocolate and you eat “a little bit” every day?

Try this diet:

5 Rules About Diet For Sweets Lovers.

1. Firstly, it is really important to eat every 3 hours. You have five meals daily: three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks as meals. If you eat every few hours, your metabolism remains active, so don’t skip that mini-meal between lunch and dinner, which will give you added energy.

2. Eat seasonal foods and the fresher the better. That way you receive the maximum amount of nutritional value from the food that you consume.

3. Control your need for food by eating little amounts of sweet food every day. Whether it’s chocolate mousse, or a muffin with fruit, treat yourself daily. This is a good way to stick to the diet so you don’t add any extra kilos.

4. Don’t associate food with guilt but enjoy every single bite. If you enjoy food you will feel fuller for longer because if you eat slowly, the hormone which makes you feel full will be at its highest.

5. Don’t be afraid of fat. Products like feta cheese and nuts are great for your skin and they bring your energy levels up and they make you feel full. Studies confirm that “good” fat helps the body in burning fat, especially in the stomach area and therefore reduces the level of the hormone cortizol.

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