5 Minutes Lower Abs Workout At Home (Video)

Well-known traditional basic exercises, such as crunches or bicycle, are great for sculpting the upper abdominal, but they barely touch those annoying lower abdominal muscles, making the toning of this problem on the spot quite a challenge for most of us.

So if you really want to flatten your stomach, you must make sure that you are pressing on every last inch of those hidden muscles and that why we asked a fitness expert and certified personal trainer Abigail Ekweghi.

According to her, the key to the successful lower abdomen is the legs and the brain, because whenever you move your legs, you use your lower stomach, and they are associated with the hip flexors.

And if it is now clear and understandable, it’s time to bring your lower abdominal muscles to the perfect shape. All you need to do is follow these exercises, recommended exactly by Abigail.

This ‘5 Minutes lower abs workout at home to best serve this purpose. They will help you reduce and tune those lower abs in no time.

Do the program 3 to 7 days a week for a better result.

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Source: Train Hard Team

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