5 Minutes a Day, up to 4 Centimeters Less on the Tummy – Workout the Japanese Way

A Japanese doctor discovered about 10 years ago an interesting method by which you can reduce the weight and volume of your lathe in just a few weeks. He discovered this method so that he had problems with the back, and we know that many people have problems with the spine, because of a sedentary lifestyle, so he developed this simple and effective technique of correcting the figure.

The method it also helps to get rid of the flabby stomach and restores the spine to its natural state. By doing these exercises, every day for five minutes, he quickly saw a decrease in the squat.

This method he called long breathing. The technique is that you need to take a certain position, to breathe three seconds, and then strongly exhale seven seconds.

Most European doctors recommend such breathing techniques to reduce weight because the ointments are composed of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When you breathe more air, then fill the fat cells and they are divided into two ingredients (carbon and water). Therefore, the more you enter oxygen, the more you burn fat in your body.

This exercise will last only five minutes a day, and the contours of your body will change significantly, the waist will become thinner and the back will be firmer, so when the method was first released, more than 6 million copies were sold out, but the whole essence the technique can be described with a few suggestions and recommendations.

What needs to be done is to do it properly and you will feel how the spine begins to take its natural position and straightens up, and the stomach gradually becomes steady and all internal organs will be placed in the most favourable position for them.

#1. First, you need to roll a towel in a tight roll and then tie it up.

#2. Next, you need to sit on the floor (a soft bed is not good, it is better to sit on a couch, a massage table or on the fitness mat on the floor) and then put the rolled towel behind you.

#3. And then you need to gently lower onto the back, holding the towel with your hands. And so, that it is exactly across the body under the waist – exactly under the navel. This is an important point.

#4. Next, you need to raise your legs to the width of your shoulders. And then put the feet together to make the thumbs touch each other, and the heels should be at the distance of 20-25 cm.

#5. Then you need to place the straight arms behind the head. And next, you need to turn them palms down and connect the little fingers.

#6. You should carefully ensure that the big toes and little fingers touch.

#7. All you need is to spend 5 minutes in this position and then to stand up slowly because during exercise the bones and joints move slightly.

So it may be very difficult to maintain the position for 5 minutes, so you can start 2-3 minutes and then increase to 5 minutes, and what will be noticeable in a month of this exercise is amazing results. This is a wonderful alternative to physical exercises to strengthen the spine and therefore we recommend that you try this method, because your back will be grateful.

Source: Better Me

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