5-Minute Workouts to Lose Weight Without Leaving The House

When people think of exercise, they usually think of a gym or some expensive exercise program.

What you need to know is that to achieve great results, you do not need all that. Sometimes it is enough to exercise at home without any special equipment.

The most important thing is to be persistent and constant and do the exercises every day for at least a month. And believe me, you will be surprised by the results.

Here are the best 5-minute workouts to get rid of annoying pounds without leaving the house:


Inverted V Pipe Exercise: (30 seconds). Stand on the floor on your palms and feet. Lift your hips as high as you can.

W Leg Lifts Exercise: (30 Seconds). Lie on the floor and lift your legs to make a 90-degree angle.

Superman Exercise: (30 seconds). Lie on the floor on your stomach. Raise your legs and core.

Jump Squats Exercise: (30 seconds). Perform a squat and then jump high.

Single-Leg Lift Jump Exercise: (1 minute). Place your palms and one foot on the floor. The other leg should be bent. Try to get up and jump then/

Push up and Knee Kick Exercise: (30 seconds). Perform push-ups bending your knees one by one.

Bent Leg Rotating Exercise: (1 minute). Stand on the floor, bend your left knee and lift it. make circular movements.

Skipping Exercise: (30 seconds).