5-Minute Exercises To Reduce Fat From Belly And Hips For Women Over 45

As we age it is harder for us to get into shape. There is nothing weird about that, it is simple biology. However, if it’s harder it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

The accumulated fat in the abdominal area is not only a cosmetic defect that makes women unattractive but also a health risk. After all, with the deposition of fat in the waist, there is a violation of blood circulation in the abdominal cavity, compression of internal organs and development of edema. If you really are determined to get rid of this problem once and for all at home, then be patient and do not give up on the goal.

Here we are going to give you 10-minute inner thigh workout for women over 45. It held numerous women around the world, so don’t think twice start it immediately.

1. In & Out Squats

 In & Out Squats

2. Side Plank Hip Raises

Side Plank Hip Raises

3. Spiderman Plank

Spiderman Plank

4. Inverted V-Plank

Inverted V-Plank

5. Modified Push-ups

 Modified Push-ups

6. Squats with Side Kicks

6. Squats with Side Kicks

7. Triangle Crunches

Triangle Crunches

8. Bicycles


Source: Train Hard Team

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