5 Min 30-Second Moves To Tone Your Entire Body And Burn Fat Fast

When it comes to getting a lean and toned body, you have no excuse, because you do not need much time and you do not need any piece of equipment, because this whole body routine uses your body weight as a resistance to the sculpture of pure musculature, while increasing the heart rate to burn a ton of fat. This training is short and in order to get maximum results, you should encourage yourself to work with maximum capacity and strive to get as many repetitions as possible at every move in the given time.

-How to Do Fat-Burning Exercises

All you need is to perform all back-to-back movements, after 30 seconds, maintaining a good shape and rest only when needed, then after the last move, leave 30 seconds and repeat it in this format for a total of six circles.

1. Pencil Squats

-So, you need to stand with feet together holding an imaginary medicine ball above your head and hop your feet out to shoulder-width as you drop into a low squat. You need to lower the “ball” to touch the floor between your feet and then reverse the motion to return to start. You need to squeeze your inner thighs as you come back up and then repeat.

2. High Lows

-You need to start in the top of a push-up. And with wrists positioned directly below shoulders and then lower your right forearm to the floor, then your left and next you need to return to the starting position one hand at a time and then continue repeating the full movement.

3. Standing Mountain Climbers

-You need to stand with feet hip-width apart, then right hand extended up to the sky and left hand in front of your chest, so you need to sprint in place. And then while alternating arms to the sky in opposition to the legs.

4. Low Plank Knees

-First, you need to start in a low plank position and that’s on your toes and forearms and elbows positioned below shoulders. And then raise your hips to the sky, driving your right knee forward and return to start. You need to repeat, this time driving your left knee forward and continue alternating.

5. Power Thrusts


-You need to stand with feet hip-width apart and then squat down and place hands on the floor and then jump feet back to land in the top of a push-up position. And then also jump the feet back to start and you need to explosively jump up raising fingertips to the sky and tucking knees up to the chest. And then you need to land softly and continue repeating.

Source: Team Fitness Training

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