5 Foods That Never Spoil

Here are 5 foods that you can use freely for preparing delicious meals whenever you want.

Honey: Honey can crystallize or change color, but because of its antibiotic properties it can never go out of date. Honey needs to be kept in a cool place and if it crystallizes, place it in a jar with hot (not boiling) water and mix until it returns to its original state.

Sugar: Whether it’s white or brown sugar, it never goes bad. What is the secret? Sugar is the enemy of bacteria, which cannot survive and multiply in sugar. You just need to make sure that the sugar is in a dry and tightly closed container.

Sugar Never Spoil

Vanilla extract: Because it contains alcohol, vanilla extract does not have a shelf life and even matures over time. Pure extract has a higher percentage of alcohol and lasts forever, except for the aroma of vanilla, which is lost a few months after the packet is opened.

Vanilla Extract Never Spoil

Salt: Salt even in the worst case can’t be hardened. To prevent this let it dry in a cool and dark place to preserve its structure.

Salt Never Spoil

Rice: Only brown rice has a shelf life because it is oily and can spoil. However, the shelf life can be extended if it is stored in a sealed container in a cold room.

Rice Never Spoil

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