5 Effective Exercises to Eliminate Double Chin and Neck Fat

Take a look at these five exercises that are proven to firm and tone the chin area. Before you begin, warm up by moving your chin back and forth.

5 exercises to eliminate double chin:

Each step must be done slowly so that the chin muscles are engaged in the exercise correctly.

So let’s start with this easy exercise:


  • First of all, you should open your mouth wide and then pull your lower lip back as if you wanted to cover your lower teeth.
  • Lastly, close your mouth keeping your lower lip in the same position and bringing your jaw forward a bit.
  • Let your muscles relax before moving on to the next exercise. Relax your jaw by slowly opening and closing your mouth (you can see how to do this in the video below).


Although it is a very simple exercise, it helps to tone the neck very effectively. This exercise is as described:

Tilt your head up and move your lips the same way you would if you wanted to kiss, you just have to force the gesture a little more.

Touch your nose

For this exercise:

Stick out your tongue to try to touch your nose with it.

Put a finger under your chin to feel the muscles working and have better control of the intensity of the exercise.


This resistance exercise will help you reduce the volume of your double chin.

  • Close your hands and place them just below your chin.
  • Press your chin down into your fists for 5 seconds.
  • Perfect oval

For this last exercise:

  • You have to turn your head to the side and bring your jaw forward.
  • Now you can feel the extension of the jaw and neck muscles.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and do the exercise again, turning your head to the other side.

Here is a video with all these exercises on how to eliminate a double chin:

Foods you should eat if you want to eliminate double chin and neck fat:

Fortunately, there are foods that help combat the effects of double chin and also keep our bodies healthy.

Green Tea. It is one of the most recommended drinks thanks to its detoxifying properties. Drinking a cup a day will help reduce double chin.

Beetroot. It is an excellent source of food for detoxification, high in fiber and potassium, which helps speed up the digestive process and prevent fluid retention.

Lemon. Its detoxifying effect on your body also has certain properties to eliminate toxins that your body does not need.

Coffee. It has antioxidant properties for the skin and prevents fluid retention because it is a diuretic food.

blueberries are a powerful fruit that has many benefits for your body, it helps eliminate liquids, and toxins as well as are anti-inflammatory.

Chew gum. By chewing gum regularly, you can make movements on your chin, which helps to get rid of a double chin.