5 Easy Exercises For Strong Arms

Is not just men that are obsessed with the look of the upper arms. Women also want beautifully tinted hands that they can be proud of when they wear clothes without sleeves.

Unlike men who want as much muscle as possible, women tend to have firm muscles that are beautifully drawn.

Almost everything you do during the day (wearing bags after shopping, raising your child, etc.) strengthens the biceps of your hands, i.e. muscles on the front of the upper arm. Well, as a consequence, many women suffer from “bats’ wings”, ie. relaxed triceps (muscles on the posterior upper part of the arms). They often literally hang and shake unattractive at each movement of the hand.

To avoid this, it is necessary to practice exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the hands. If you want to tighten biceps, triceps, and shoulders, then here are appropriate exercises.

To train your hands you will need a small weight dumbbell, with which you can perform 15-20 repetitions. As a rule, girls are quite short of dumbbells 2-5 kg. It all depends on your level of preparation. Ideally, have at your disposal several pairs of dumbbells of different weights.

Check out 5 easy exercise and make your arms toned up.

#1. Push-ups

push up

#2. Tricep Extensions

Tricep Extensions

#3. The Wave Goodbye

 The Wave Goodbye

#4. Crescent Lunge and Row

Crescent Lunge and Row

#5. Pullover


Source: Team Fitness Training.

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