5-Day Plan Which Will Help You Detox Without Dieting

So far, we had several challenges and ways to try to motivate you to eat better and turn to your own health. The goal and now is similar, to motivate you to eat healthy for 5 days and to purify and relax the body of toxins and harmful foods that we constantly import.

This detox plan will purify your body, help you strengthen your immune system, but it will also help you reduce your weight.

This 5-day challenge will purify your body and help you get rid of the accumulated toxins. You can practice this challenge 3-4 times a month. This will help the body to work more easily and get rid of the accumulated toxins that are the triggers of many diseases. But, apart from improving your health, this detoxification will help you reduce your weight.

So all you need to do is follow these easy tips and release your body from toxins in less than a week.


You need to start the day with a glass of warm water and you should drink it before you eat. Water removes toxins from the body, and you start to look fresh and rested, so choose warm water or water at room temperature to help digest, and you can also add water to your usual lemon juice or grapefruit juice.


When you wake up in the morning, drink water and make yourself a Scottish shower (alternating cold and hot water). Then remove your body’s toxins through exfoliation, exfoliative gel, brush, lupine or sponge, and be thorough and gentle, and also treat the skin with oils and lotions after cleansing the whole body.


We also recommend that you use fresh skin care products because the products that are purchased at the store usually contain harmful chemicals that are not always environmentally friendly and, implicitly, are not always friendly with your skin. So, try to treat your face with a cucumber and make it scrub on your body whit citrus. Also use olive and coconut oil to hydrate your body, face and even hair.


Do not avoid doing the exercise, because you can improve the circulation by stretching or yoga for about 20 minutes every day. Also, you often go to fresh air, as you allow your body to absorb the energy of the sun. What you need is to do breathing exercises and also put levels of stress under control.


Emphasis is placed on fresh and unprocessed food, although it is allowed to make a vegetable soup. That’s why you eat high-fiber foods, as it reduces hunger and keeps the stomach from bloating. Also, green vegetables are always a good choice, because it digests well and helps you feel relaxed throughout your body.

Source: Healthy Fitness Club

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