We all dream of that perfectly defined stomach, where no trace of fatty deposits and excess pounds is observed. And though, many consider it a very difficult and painstaking process, the truth is that the hardest thing is to convince yourself that you can achieve this and start practicing.

Aerobic exercises, for stomach muscles lasting longer than 7 minutes, stimulate the capillaries in that part of the body resulting in increased blood flow. Increased blood flow, meanwhile, means a greater flow of oxygen, which is indispensable for fat burning.

Tired muscles need more calories to stay active. Our body is trying to release the necessary calories in the parts of the body where we have active muscles, and in this way comes the rapid burning of fats precisely in those parts.

Next, we will show you how with just 8 minutes a day you can achieve excellent results.
Of course, the results will be noticeable if you practice daily and in the right way.

So end every move in a minute, do as many reps as possible in that one-minute period and move straight to the next move without rest. After the last exercise, rest for a minute. Then repeat the whole sequence once again for an effective eight minutes total workout.

Side Plank Super Crunch:

Side Plank Super Crunch

-Lay on the floor and climbed on the elbow. It should be below the shoulder, the forearm and the wrist should form a right angle. Start the opposite side behind your head. Lift and bend your upper leg, trying to bring your knees to the elbow. Be in this position for thirty seconds, then repeat the exercise on the other side. With this move, your obliques will fully work.

Alternating Toe Touches:

Alternating Toe Touches

-This exercise encompasses all your ab muscles in just a few movements. Lie on your back and then intermittently touch your feet with your hands.

Boat Crunch:

Boat Crunch

-It will activate the upper part of the body, especially the abdominal muscles and, you’ll have to really utilize your core to keep your balance and make sure you’re not using your back for the brute of the work or else you could end up with an injury.



-Lie on your stomach and lift your hands and legs, and this may not look hard, but after 20 or so seconds, your abs will be burning.

Then rest for a minute, drink water, and then gear up to repeat this series one more time through.

Source: Team Fitness Training

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