4 Kettlebell Exercises That Burn Major Calories

In this article today we recommend you to tone your whole body using a kettlebell and do these simple exercises from your personal trainer Hannah Davis from Body by Hannah, so you need to grab a 10-pound kettlebell and get started.

1. Kettlebell Swings

-You need to begin standing with your legs wider. Than hip-width apart and both hands holding the kettlebell between your legs and then you need to bend your knees slightly. Next, you need to lean your chest forward, and swing the kettlebell back in between your legs and then thrust your hips forward until you’re in standing position. And then simultaneously throw your arms straight in front of you while maintaining a firm grip on the weight and repeat. You also need to make sure you’re popping your hips backward and forward; these are thrusts, not squats and then complete 15-20 swings.

2. Windmills

-You need to start with your legs wider than hip-width apart with your right toes pointing forward. And then your left foot turned out and you need to hold the kettlebell in your right hand. And then extend your right arm straight above your head and your right arm should be extended. And next holding the kettlebell straight above you for the duration of the exercise and you need to bend your left knee. And then lean over to the left while keeping your chest open and facing forward and reach for the floor in front of your left foot with your left hand until your arms are in a vertical line. Then you need to return to standing position, and lower your left arm by your side and repeat this 8-10 times and then switch sides.

3. Snatch and Clean

-You need to start with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart and then while holding the weight with both hands in front of you between your legs and next begin a classic squat. And then as you return to standing position, you need to bend your elbows and pull the weight up. So, it’s right in front of your chest and then you need to begin another squat while pressing the weight straight above your head. You need to return to a standing position with the weight in front of your chest to complete the rep and then you need to repeat this 10-15 times.

4. Single Leg Deadlift and Row

-First, you need to begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and then holding the kettlebell by your side with your right hand and shift all your weight to your left leg with your knee slightly bent. Next, you need to sweep your right leg back behind you until your foot is a couple of feet off the floor, and lean your chest forward and then hold this position. That’s bending your arm, and pull the weight toward your chest and then lower your left arm back down and return to starting position. You need to repeat this 10 times before switching legs.

Source: Train Hard Team

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