A fun and effective exercise program for all of you who want high and firm breasts.

So it is well known that perfect breasts are one of the main attractions of the seductive curves of the body and that’s why most women are trying to raise their breasts in order to look younger and more sexual.

For beautiful breasts, you need to practice muscles on the chest. The purpose of the exercise is not to increase the number of the bra, but to make your breasts more firm. These exercises will work in three areas of the body: the back (because solid breasts are not possible without the proper holding of the body), arms and shoulders.

These exercises allow you to solidify and shape the upper part of your breasts. Small breasts will get a nice shape, and big breasts will rise higher. You will notice the difference between one or two months if you exercise every day. After a month or two, it is enough to practice twice a week to maintain the results achieved.

What weights can you lift?

It’s important not to overdo it. Lifting weight is not as important as the duration of the exercise. Initially, it’s enough for you to lift the weights (1-2 kg) depending on your strength.

Gradually prolong the exercise duration and shorten the rest between each exercise series: at the start of the exercise, rest for 30 seconds, and finally only enough to take a deep breath.

Be careful to control the movements well. They should not be too slow or too fast to avoid stretching the muscles of the breasts.

In addition to these special chest exercises, activities like dance, stretching, yoga, and swimming are ideal to fix your back and improve your posture.

How to practice?

Take care of your back – it should always be in an upright position. Breathe when lifting and exhale when lowering. Do not exercise if you have pain in the shoulders and upper back. So what you need is to train regularly and make sure you warm your muscles before training.



-First, you need to place your feet shoulder width apart and then simultaneously raise your arms, holding dumbbells, to chest level and lower them again. You need to do this exercise 15 times.



-To do this exercise you need to raise your arms to chest level. And then simultaneously pull your elbows forward, maintaining the height.



-To do this exercise you need to have patience because the most important thing here is having the right position and then you have to support yourself with your toes and forearms. The forearms should be exactly shoulder width apart and then try to hold this position for 1 minute.



-First, you need to get into a plank position with your arms straight, abs tight, and spine neutral and then you need to lower your body until your chest is an inch or two above the floor, inhaling on the way down.

Source: Healthy Fitness Club

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