30 Day Muffin Top Challenge For A Mode-Like Waist

Not all online fitness challenges are effective, but this challenge that we’ll show you if you hold it to the very end will prove to be very effective.

The challenge consists of only three exercises, but what makes these exercises effective is that they activate, literally all the muscles of the body. These exercises also combine some of the most effective strokes you can do to work deeply on your core muscles in the waist, to develop strong, flat and extracted abdominal muscles that look great, so combine it with full force and cardio routine.

If you stick to the challenge you will get:


You will improve your standing position
You will speed up the metabolism
You will activate and practice several muscle groups and
most importantly you will get rid of muffin top.

For this 30-day exercise plan, you will need to do just three types of exercises.


First, you need to make sure to lie on your right side in a straight line from head to feet, resting on your forearm and then your elbow should be positioned directly under your shoulder. And next, while your abdominal muscles are contracted with hips lifted off the floor you need to hold this position for 20 to 40 seconds and then lower your body.


To do this exercise you need to sit on the ground with your knees bent and your heels are grounded and now gently lean back so your torso is at 45-degree angle to the floor. You need to make sure to keep your spine straight and not curved and then extend your arms out in front of you. Next, you need to raise your core and slowly rotate your arms. And your upper body needs to be round to the right as far as you can and then make a pause for a second. And next you need to reverse the movement all the way around to the left as far as possible and that completes one rep.


You need to sit on your glutes with your body at a 45 degrees angle and now you need to put your hands behind your head. But you need to bring your left knee in towards your right elbow while straightening your right leg. Then you need to switch sides and then do the same movement on the other side to complete one rep.


Follow this 30-day muffin top challenge as shown in the picture below and the results are inevitable.

Source: Fitness Team Training

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