A 30-Day Abs Workout To Lose Belly Fat

Shape your body with these simple exercises. For a handsome body without excess pounds and stomach fat, discipline is needed – healthy food in the bowl and regular exercise. Under regular exercise, we do not mean going to the gym every day, but physical activity three to four times a week.

Take a look at this group of exercises that are sufficient to shape your body, the only thing to keep in mind is to perform the exercises correctly.

Be persistent in what you are doing!

Today in this article, we want to tell you about a 30-day training for beginners that will help you lose your stomach fat. And so once again, we want to remind you that when you perform the sequences, you must always remember that the meaning of each exercise is accurately performed the movement.

With these eight exercises, you will activate all the abdominal muscles – upper, lower and side. The exercises are tailored for beginners, they are simply performed, and make them in series as much as you can at the beginning. Then, increase the pace daily.

A reduced diet combined with these eight exercises will quickly bring you to a flat stomach.

Often beginners do not know that when they perform press exercises, they must keep the abdominal muscles in tension and constantly feel that they are involved in the work because only this ensures that the abdominal muscles will receive the load and not the other muscles.

Therefore, before to start “advanced” exercises with additional weights, it’s important to learn how to shuffle the press and feel that every one of the abdominal muscles works – the upper, lower, and lateral press.

So it means that when twisting, they should only work on the abdominal muscles, and not on the back, legs or other parts of the body.


#1. Crunches 

Image result for Crunches

#2. Russian Twist

#3. Futter Kicks

#4. Triangle crunch 

Image result for Triangle crunch 

#5. Straight Leg 

Image result for Straight Leg  abs

#6. Plank 

giphy (1)

#7. Inverted V Planks

Image result for Inverted V Planks

#8. Windshield Wiper

Image result for Windshield Wiper abs

Source: Team Fitness Training

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