30 Day AB Challenge: One Month to Flatter ABS (Videos)

Lauren Williams is one of the most famous trainers in the world and she has helped thousands of people guiding them on the path of the perfect body.

In today’s article, we present to you a 30-day ab challenge that will help you achieve unbelievable results. While the saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen,” we promise these moves—coupled with HIIT intervals that burn fat fast—will help you check flatter abs off your To Do list no matter where you are.

Below you have four videos and each one of them is one week of exercising program. As you progress the difficulty is also higher getting out the maximum from yourself.

Weekly ABS workout videos

Follow along as Williams walks you through each week’s ab workout. (Come back every Friday to unlock the next week’s video!)





Your challenge plan:

Source: Female Fit Body

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