3 Minutes Before Sleep: Simple Exercises To Slim Down Your Legs

Many of us find exercising not the most interesting thing to do. But the benefits after we are done are just incredible. Not only you feel better after an exhausting exercise but you will also improve the shape of your body and even boost your health.

In order to enjoy the benefits of exercising it doesn’t have to be many hours spent in the gym. It is perfectly fine to do it home and in today’s article, we present to you a night-before bed routine that can easily become a habit and provide you amazing results in few weeks time.

This exercise program will only take few minutes of your time and after a couple of weeks, you will start doing them with very little effort.

Here is how to get started:

High knee exercises


Start with this exercise to tone the buttocks, calves, and core, improve your balance, burn calories, and boost metabolism. Stand with the legs about shoulder-width apart, and raise one leg. Bring the knee up towards the chest, hold for a few seconds, and lower it to the floor.

Next, repeat with the second leg, and move back and forth between the right and left side. While trying to maintain the balance on the standing leg, you will tone its calf, quadriceps, hamstrings and buttock muscles.

Plie Slides


This exercise is very similar to squats. Only this time you need to spread your legs apart as much as you can. So, as you lower your body your inner thigh muscles stretch and you can feel the burn. Make sure your back is straight at all times and rest your arms on your calves.

Deep/Full squats

3-minutes-before-sleep-simple-exercises-to-slim-down-your-legs2 (1)

This exercise is most effective for the gluteal muscles and the leg muscles. Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart. Then lower your butt almost to the ground while keeping your feet on the floor.

Plank to Stand Up


From standing, crouch down and place your hands on the floor, then jump your legs behind you into a plank. Do a push-up, hop your feet back underneath you, then extend your legs and hips and leap into the air as high as you can, reaching your hands overhead. Land and go immediately into the next rep.

Lateral leg raises


Lie down on a side bend your right leg and hold your head your head with your right arm. Streight up your left leg and lift it up as much as you can. Lower back your leg without touching the floor and repeat the process. After you finish repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

Inner thigh lifts


This workout exercise is great for the inner thigh. To strengthen the groin muscles the person lies on their side with the leg to be worked on the bottom. The top leg is bent out of the way as shown. The person lifts the bottom leg as high as is comfortable, keeping the knee straight.

Source: Natural Cures World

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