2 Apples, 1 Lemon And 1 Cup Of Oats, Prepare To Lose Size Without Any Control

In this article today, we will show you a recipe of an incredibly healthy drink with 3 ingredients that will help you lose weight and sizes in a very short time because it is actually a natural and healthy meal that will alkalize the body. And it will also cleanse it from toxins to prevent strokes and heart attacks and reduce levels of cholesterol.

This healthy drink contains apples, oats and lemons, and what makes it special is exactly the apples because it is an incredibly powerful fruit, high in nutrients, which will help you regulate your body weight. But it should be green apples because they are the most powerful allies in the struggle to release extra pounds, and their rich nutritional composition supports health in many ways.

It is the green apples that contain pectin-shaped dietary fibers that regulate peristalsis or intestinal motility and reduce appetite and are also rich in group B vitamins that metabolize nutrients and prevent the conversion of carbohydrates in the fat.

They also have a low level of fluid retention and low-calorie intake and slow the absorption of sugar in the intestine, thus preventing the sudden release of the hormone insulin, which is directly related to the gain of body fat.

How to prepare this amazing meal:


2 Organic green apples
0.2 lbs / 125 g oats
1 Organic Lemon
1/2 liters of mineral water

Preparation and use:

Firstly, apples should be cut into small pieces and mixed with the mineral water in the blender, then the oats are added and mixed to obtain a homogeneous mixture and then simply press the lemon juice into the mixture, stir well and consume this drink once a day for a week.

You can also add ice to get a fresh, cool meal and all you need is to enjoy and lose weight.

Source: Clean Fitness Recipes

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